Spain – Edward Vergara

Edward and Christian Vergara serve as missionaries to Spain for the Assemblies of God.

India – Rajan Chinnadurai

HIM: Heart International Ministries is lead by Brother Rajan Chinnadurai and is actively working towards the Billion Soul Harvest.

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Israel – Yeshua Israel

Yeshua Israel’s purpose is to glorify the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob by exalting Yeshua as Messiah of Israel.

“I want every Israeli to have the opportunity to hear about the special personal relationship God wants to have with His chosen people.”

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Northern Asia (North West Territory)

We support an Assembly of God missionary in Northern Asia in the North West territory.

Their identity is hidden to protect their work. (China)

France – Summer Giguere (CIJEM Force)

Summer Giguere of CIJEM Force France: “It was just over ten years ago, when I was 16, that God brought me for the first time to France on a youth AIM trip. Since then, I have been nine times to this great nation which is in tremendous need of exposure to the gospel!

I will be working on staff with a Master’s Commission, youth discipleship program (called CIJEM Force in France) which is just starting up in the October of 2006 in the city of Paris.”

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North Asia – South Eastern Territory

For their safety, we aren’t publishing our missionary’s name here. However, Cornerstone Church supports an Assembly of God missionary to Northern Asia, in the South Eastern Territory. A communist area.

Fiji – Jerry Jacob

Jerry and Karen Jacob are the Area Directors for the Pacific Oceania area for the Assemblies of God.

“Having ministered in the Pacific since 1986, we are now serving as Area Directors for the Pacific Oceania Region. We will be traveling throughout the Pacific meeting with national A/G leadership and serving our AGWM missionary family. We will assist in leadership training among pastors, Women’s Ministries personnel, Sunday School teachers, children’s ministers and discipleship groups. We will continue to coordinate the efforts of HealthCare Ministries, Convoy of Hope and Asia’s Little Ones in Pacific Oceania.”

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Philippines – Tom and Nancy Cook

Tom & Nancy Cook are long-term missionaries to the Philippines. On January 10, 2009, they will have completed a decade of service to the children & adults living in and around the National Capital Region, as well as the Provinces of Zambales, Pampanga, and Bataan.

They are “called” to evangelize & disciple children & young people. The lives God places under the authority of their ministry are being established on the Foundation of God’s Word and the Christian Worldview. The Lord is saving souls and equipping them to serve. The Master is molding a new generation of world influencing Christians through the efforts of the Cooks.

You can learn more about the Cooks here.

Indonesia – Donald Butera

Donald Butera serves with his wife Carol in Indonesia.

He updates his YouTube Video Channel here.

Waterbury, CT, USA – Acts 4

Acts 4: Sharing God’s Love by Providing for Those in Need.

Acts 4 Ministry is a non-denominational, tax exempt 501 (c)(3) charitable organization that supports the needs of low income families and individuals in the greater Waterbury area through the collection and distribution of re-usable clothing and furniture.

Our mission is to share God’s love and the saving grace of Jesus Christ, by building relationships with people as we provide assistance for their basic needs. Acts 4 strives to partner with churches, social service agencies, and public schools in order to identify those with material needs and serve them in the context of the broader community.


New Haven, CT, USA – Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge is one of the oldest, largest and most successful program of its kind in the world. Teen Challenge New England serves individuals and families in the six New England states and New Jersey by providing Christian faith-based, long term residential recovery homes for more than 400 adults & adolescents and outreach and drug prevention programs to children and youth in schools and local communities.

Through Teen Challenge sons and daughters are restored and reunited with their once heartbroken families torn apart by their loved one’s past drug and alcohol addiction.
“Hope Lives Here…Freedom is Found Here…and Changed Lives Leave Here…”

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Mexico – Floyd Frey

Floyd Frey is the Area Director for Missions in Mexico for the Assemblies of God.

Missionary Directory.

Venezuela – Venezuala Childcare

Venezuela Childcare provides resources to reach children in Venezuela for Jesus.

Ecuador – Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson serves with his family as an Assembly of God missionary to Ecuador.

Missionary Directory

Saint Petersburg, Russia – John Russel (Street Cry)

American-born John Russell, 49, is literally storming the gates of hell. Through the ministry of StreetCry, he is seeing lives of Russia’s teenagers and young adults being miraculously transformed in front of his eyes.

Many of the staff and students at StreetCry are former drug addicts, prostitutes, criminals, runaways, alcoholics and simply disappointed people. God is miraculously healing and delivering young people from lives of addiction and sin. Others are graduates of higher education in fields such as biology, music, literature, education, foreign languages, or sound engineering. They all bum with a passionate, contagious faith that their generation and nation WILL be reached with the saving power of Jesus Christ.

StreetCry believes that Christians are not born into the Kingdom of God to sit as spectators while a few committed people run a church. “The Biblical mandate is to equip all of God’s people for service, and by His grace we are trying to do that. Anything of eternal value in ministry is a result of fervent prayer. That is why much time is devoted to individual and corporate prayer and to the development of strong prayer habits. Intercessory prayer for the youth, cities and nation are important aspects of our work.”

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Italy – Clark Slone (Christ Is The Answer International Ministries)

Christ is the Answer International Ministries is made up of 13 teams in different parts of the world. Clark Slone and a group of eight elders are responsible for the Italian mission team, which is made up of around 100 full-time laborers. We live in a mobile camp sharing the daily responsibilities of the workload.
The Christ is the Answer tent team has been in Italy for 30 years, continually moving from city to city, towns and villages, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Salvation.
We hold nightly meetings under the big tent that has the capacity 3,000 people. Small evangelistic teams are sent out each day to hold open-air meetings, with singing, testifying, preaching and street drama and also periodically going into hospitals, nursing homes, and prisons.

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India – Gateway International

Gateway International has been registered as a Humanitarian Trust in India since 1999. Gateway International is also registered in the United States of America (1991), Canada (1992), and the Philippines (2003).

Theresa Greenhough, who served as a nun in the Loreto Convent in India for fifteen years, is the president of Gateway International in India. She is also the vice-president of Gateway International in the United States, Canada, and the Philippines.

Read Theresa’s Testimony here.

Mozambique – Joel & Adrienne Charest

Joel and Adrienne Charest are serving in Mozambique. Targeting the Unreached People of Northern Mozambique Our mission is to partner with families and churches to reach and teach the new generation so that they can develop a genuine friendship with God, discover their God-given purpose, and dream about their promising future.

Project Sonha.

Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA – Sarah and Robert Malcolm

Robert and Sarah Malcolm are serving as missionaries to Yale University, through Chi Alpha.

Chi Alpha at Yale